The Ideal Gift —- Watch

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The perfect gift has to be beautiful, meaningful and of remembrance. Different gifts appeal to your loved ones who have varied tastes, likes and dislikes. One such timeless gift that can be cherished forever is a beautiful timepiece or a watch as it is popularly coined as. Gifts are always precious, since they are something very close to your heart.

Time reveals to you the importance of each and every second that you live in your life.  A watch is something that can solve the purpose of viewing time as well as be a good gift from someone special. Watches can be a gift that will keep a close watch on all the passing moments of your life.

Watches have been gifted on occasions formal and informal since ancient ages. Replica Watches are a very pleasant and valuable present; they have always taken a special place among the presents of crowned heads. Watches were given only to dear and beloved people and it was a symbol of respect and esteem. Such a gift has a deep philosophical sense: to give watches as a gift means to give an opportunity to measure time and as a result to remember many beautiful moments spent in togetherness and happiness. Watches are the kind of gift that can be worn round the wrist of your loved ones at almost all points of time. Thus watches are a gift close to the heart.

The watch has a timeless story to tell. The history of watches dates back to the ancient times. Watches evolved from portable spring driven clocks, which first appeared in the 15th century. The first timepieces to be worn, made in 16th century Europe, were transitional in size between clocks and watches. Styles changed in the 1600s and men began to wear watches in pockets. To fit in pockets, their shape evolved into the typical pocket watch shape, rounded and flattened with no sharp edges. Before World War I only women wore wristwatches, they were considered ‘unmanly’. Wristwatches became fashionable as a result of their use by soldiers, who needed access to their watches while their hands were full. These first wristwatches,replica watches uk called ‘trench watches’, were made with pocket watch movements. The first successful self-winding system was invented by John Harwood in 1923. From then onwards, watches have gone through constant renovation and stylizing. Today we have watches that are not just timepiece but an ornament worth tying on the wrist.

Watches can be a gift for your wife or husband on Anniversary or Birthday. It can be a good departing gift for friends. A pair watch from Sonata is a perfect gift for a newly wedded couple. There are various trendy kids’ watches which are user friendly and playful. They can be an ideal gift for your loved kids. To your lady love or beloved, a beautiful watch can be the best Valentine gift of love. Thus watches find enormous scope of becoming a true gift for almost every occasion.

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